I am an angel investor, serial entrepreneur, startup advisor, speaker, consultant, futurist, growth hacker, hustler and author focused on helping startups change the world. The best way to reach me is via emailTwitter or the contact form on this site.

What I do now

PROMOTING ABUNDANCE | I run The Disruptors, a podcast about exploring the edges of human understanding and exponential technologies to help create a more abundant, long term focused future. Think of a TED level speakers and thought leaders taking a full hour plus to unpack and dissect the future with a focus on innovation and creativity. Also makes for incredible deal flow for The Syndicate. You can subscribe to The Disruptors on iTunes | Stitcher | Google Podcasts | Overcast | Spotify | Youtube | Any other Android app

STARTUP INVESTING | I run The Syndicate, a podcast and angel group focused on early stage tech investing where our group of 100+ accredited investors invest in high tech startup companies. Find out more about our thesis and philosophy here and apply if you’re interested in increasing your deal flow.

ADVISING STARTUPS | I currently advise 5 promising startups on growth, biz dev, strategy, ecommerce and fundraising and am always down to chat.

CONSULTING | Occassionally I work with interesting companies, helping them with growth, network effects, business optimization, marketing and more. Feel free to reach out if you may be interested.

WRITING | I do most of my writing on Medium.com for a number of large publications and have been featured in Mattermark Daily, The Next Web, Inc, Venture Beat and numerous other publications. Typically I focus on technology/tech companies, building startups, growth hacking & network effects, ecommerce, angel investing and blockchain. You can subscribe to my newsletter here.


FOUNDER | I have built and sold 3 ecommerce companies, two focused on Amazon and have strong experience with marketplaces and network effects.

PODCASTING | I have built 4 podcasts, 3 achieving top 5 status in their categories (crowdfunding, Amazon/ecommerce, angel investing) and now run The Syndicate podcast where I interview top angels and VCs like Jeff Clavier, Gil Penchina, Esther Dyson, Tim O’Reilly and many more to share the stories and strategies of the best in the business and The Disruptors where I interview and discuss exponential technologies and the future of all of us with world leaders in fields of AI, genetics, space, quantum computing, human longevity, blockchain and more.