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Announcing The Syndicate Angel Investor Group

Are you an ex-operator, tech professional or other high net worth individual interested in diversifying your portfolio and investing in high-growth tech startups looking to change the world? If so, I have great news.

After years on pause following the shutdown of The Syndicate podcast (my old podcast where I interviewed 100s of the world’s top VCs and angel investors) and investor SPV group due to some personal issues that pulled me away from angel investing, I’m relaunching The Syndicate angel group for angels and aspiring angel investors to interested in investing in high-growth, game changing tech startups.

If you’re an accredited investor (folks with net worth > $1M or yearly income of at least $200k), consider joining our accredited investor network to gain access to invest in the most promising tech startups and visionary founders I meet through my work as a business coach and with various startup accelerators, demo days and investor networks.

For more details about the advantages of angel investing, participating in The Syndicate and to apply to join as an investor, click here.



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