matt ward - serial entrepreneur, angel investor, futurist

Matt Ward is a serial entrepreneur, startup advisor and business coach, occasional angel investor, multi-time podcast host, (and apparently a futurist :).

He’s built and sold 3 companies (including a 7-figure ecommerce exit in under 12 months), coached thousands of startups & brands through his ecommerce & tech-focused podcasts FBA ALLSTARS, Art of the Kickstart, The Syndicate, and The Disruptors, and currently works with high-growth startups and businesses as a consultant on strategy, growth, marketing, and fundraising to help brands scale bigger, faster

In addition to his work as a founder and consultant, Matt is a top blogger, ranked #56 on Ross Dawson’s most influential futurists rankings, has had his writing featured in the likes of Mattermark Daily, Inc, Lifehacker, VentureBeat, The Startup, Gigaom, and Hackernoon, and been interviewed on numerous podcasts, including Conscious Millionaire, Entrepreneur On Fire, and the Superhuman Academy podcast.

But most importantly, Matt loves helping mission-oriented startups change the world for the better by pushing founders to 10x their goals, results, and future success. If you are a founder or brand building the next world-changing business and want help 10x’ing your results and impact, be sure to reach out: (at)

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