Case Study

Veezoo's Launch on Product Hunt

PRE-LAUNCHThe Situation

Goal: Increase customers, user growth and brand awareness

Veezoo is a funded Swiss startup and ETH Spin-off, who, since 2016 have built a Self-Service Business Intelligence tool based on state-of-the-art natural language processing. As a BI tool SaaS provider, the company helps organizations large and small simplify business analytics by allowing everyday users to interact with and discover insights from data by simply asking questions.

Although Veezoo has been operational since 2016 and serves some of Switzerland’s largest insurers like AXA and Basler Versicherung, the company never officially launched their product on Product Hunt’s startup launch platform.

To achieve the targeted goals of customer acquisition, new user growth and increased brand awareness, we worked together to craft Veezoo’s launch campaign to give them the greatest chance of success.

Veezoo logo
Product Hunt Veezoo SaaS Launch 1
Product Hunt Veezoo SaaS Launch 2
Product Hunt Veezoo SaaS Launch 3
Product Hunt Veezoo SaaS Launch 4
Product Hunt Veezoo SaaS Launch 5
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Product Hunt Veezoo SaaS Launch 9


After being brought in with just under a month until the desired launch date, we worked together to perfect the company’s story and messaging, product photography and promotional videos, all to present the product in the most favorable light and create the highest probability of going “viral.”

Throughout the process of preparing the Product Hunt launch, we created additional promotional material in the form of an open access demo of Product Hunt’s database and an in-depth analysis of the site’s most popular trends and projects to boost community engagement. These efforts combined with a coordinated marketing and social media campaign and the fact that we were able to secure the help of Product Hunt’s hunter (user) in promoting and posting the project helped garner additional exposure for the launch and propel the company’s success.

The Highlights

Product Hunt Launch Results


Top 9% All-time Product Leaderboard

In addition to being ranked in the top 9% all-time of products on Product Hunt, the launch was very effective in boosting community engagement and brand awareness.

We were very happy with the 65 comments on our post and the number of meetings and free trial signups the campaign was able to generate.

721 Demo Users
15 New Accounts

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