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TESTIMONIALSClient Experience

Gerd Leonhard - Futurist and Founder of The Futures Agency

“During our time together, Matt displayed nothing but diligent, self-driven drive and motivation for the various initiatives and undertakings we pursued in the wake of Covid-19 to revitalize our keynote speaking business. He demonstrated a remarkable talent for innovating new areas of potential expansion, implementing digital marketing and growth strategies and automated systems, creating or helping to curate highly valuable content, and pursuing every avenue possible to make our business succeed.”

Gerd Leonhard
The Futures Agency, CEO & Founder


“Matt’s strategy and guidance helped BeautyRX look beyond our traditional retail and cosmetic background to expand our online presence, diversify our sales channels and grow our market share, without sacrificing our high-end brand image and distribution agreements with HSN, Saks Fifth Avenue and other leading retailers.

I can highly recommend Matt for any startup or business looking to increase sales and efficiency while building a sustainable long term strategy for the company.”

Stuart Schultz
BeautyRX, CEO

Jarle Karlsrud Bedre Inneklima

“After 10 years in the indoor air treatment business we now really want to scale up and increase our impact. We needed external help and chose Matt Ward. We did not regret. Although we have been working with him for only a short time so far, we are really satisfied. Matt has a good ability to understand our business, and our strengths and weaknesses. He sees solutions from other businesses and other cases, and push us forward. His approach is by asking the right questions, and not only telling us what to do.”

Jarle Karlsrud
Bedre Inneklima AS, CEO

[bt_bb_testimonial text_font_subset=”latin,latin-ext” details_size=”medium” text=”After working with Matt for almost 2 years, I can definitely say having him on my team and his insight and perspective into new and unique growth strategies and business models was incredibly valuable for JudoLaunch. Every session he pushed me hard on deliverables, to think bigger and helped me with innovative new ideas to scale faster. I highly recommend working with him, either as an advisor or consultant.” logo=”” name=”” details=”” signature=”” quote_color=”accent” quote_position=”” text_size=”medium” text_style=”italic” font_weight=”” text_font=”IBM+Plex+Serif” supertitle_font_weight=”” subtitle_font_weight=”” responsive=”” publish_datetime=”” expiry_datetime=”” el_id=”” el_class=”” el_style=”” animation=”no_animation”][/bt_bb_testimonial]

 Chris Rawlings
Judolaunch (500Startups)

More Client Testimonials

Cosimo Donati - Leva

“We worked with Matt to prepare for our seed round and couldn’t be happier. He was incredibly valuable to develop our pitch deck further into something professional that really wows investors and was a massive help in practicing and perfecting our pitch. We highly recommend working with Matt if you’re looking to ace your pitching game, save time, and win investors.”

Cosimo Donati
Leva, CEO & Founder

Ondrej Zak - Zario

“Matt has been coaching on startup growth and fundraising. He is fantastic at creating smart growth-hacking strategies and sharpening the value proposition for prospects and investors. He helped formulate a fundraising strategy and us take our pitch deck to the next level. I am looking forward to our future collaboration on our go-to-market! Very high impact per coaching hour! Thank you, Matt!”

Ondrej Zak
Zario, CEO & Founder


“From a Startup perspective, it is a “must-have” to have a meeting with Matt! There are a LOT of so-called advisers and specialists that try to advise startups, but Matt has real experience and is very straight with his support! Thanks to his know-how we have also seen our potential and strengths from completely different perspectives! All startups know they need investors Pitch-decks and though there are tons of how-tos online, there is no sense wasting your time if you are Startup – just get in touch with Matt and I guarantee you will be amazed by the reaction of the investors 🙂 !”

Mateusz Wodjylo
Share.P, CEO & Founder


“I have worked with Matt for the past year and a half while building my startup, borderless, and it has been a privilege. While Matt served as an advisor to borderless, I quickly learned how passionate he is about helping others.

I was particularly impressed by Matt’s ability to push my way of thinking, expand our sales’ strategies, and utilize creative tools to tackle the challenges we faced. Matt genuinely cares about the mental health of founders and is invested in their success. I highly recommend working with Matt; he would be a great asset to any startup.”

Raffi Kayat
Borderless, CEO & Founder

Ganesh Krishnan AiHello founder

“Matt’s been super helpful the past 2.5 years as we’ve struggled to grow AiHello. Between the business, product and marketing help and advice and his expertise and connections/introductions in the Amazon space, we’d never have gotten to where we are at today without him. I highly recommend working with him.”

Ganesh Krishnan
AiHello, CEO & Founder

jo webber - CEO of Pod

“I’ve been working with Matt for some time now to refine our pitch deck for our Series A, in addition to consulting him on marketing, user acquisition/activation, business strategy and app monetization going forward. Every call has been invaluable and I’m glad to say we’re now adding Matt to our advisory board to help fuel our company’s long-term growth prospects. Can’t recommend him enough.”

Jo Webber
Pod, CEO & Founder

STARTUP & BUSINESS COACHINGFrequently Asked Questions

Can you really help me grow my business?


I have never met a startup or business I couldn’t help with aligning strategy and marketing to achieve faster, more scalable growth (nearly always without paid ads).

There are innumerable ways to grow a business and increase revenues, everything from acquiring more customers and reducing churn to tapping into additional revenue streams and improving your upsells and LTV.

And the strategy and best approach all depends on you and your unique business.

So, let’s work together to craft your tailored growth plan.

What industries do you specialize in?

In addition to a deep background in ecommerce & CPG, media & podcasting, B2B SaaS, consumer and climate tech, I work with numerous startups & companies in retail, B2B, healthtech, and Fintech/blockchain sectors (from early-stage to at-scale corporates) with services such as:

  • Development of Growth Marketing Plans
  • Strategic Business Development & Planning
  • Valuation & Fundraising Strategy
  • Leadership & Founder Coaching
  • Company Branding & Positioning
  • Business Model Innovation & Iteration
Do I really need a business coach?

If you have to ask, you already know. Here’s an in-depth article on the topic and why CEOs (and especially startup founders) should absolutely have a business coach, at least those interested in growing faster, building bigger and avoiding the common pitfalls of startups & leadership like burnout, overwhelm and failure to scale.

In summary: “If you’ve got a dream and it doesn’t require a team, you probably aren’t dreaming big enough!”

Can you help me with my pitch deck?


Thanks to working with and interviewing hundreds of VCs and angel investors and making several investments myself, I know exactly what to put (and not put) in your pitch deck and presentation. Let’s refine your pitch together and create your killer pitch deck that investors & VCs can’t ignore.

NOTE: This is also available as a done-for-you service as well if you prefer.

Rather do this yourself and practice later with me? That’s fine too. Here’s a free guide to help you get started.

Can you help me with my business plan?

Yes, although traditional business plans are a bit outdated in my opinion.

Instead, together we’ll craft your tailored business one-pager outlining all critical aspects of your business & marketing strategy and your business’ roadmap.

In a sense, we cut to the core of what it takes to build your company into something great – all in one page.

Interested? Be sure to reach out today as my capacity is limited. Or, just send me an email: matt@mattward.io

What does working together look like?

If we decide to work together, I usually like to have a minimum commitment with coachees because:

  • I only want to work with founders & CEOs who are serious about success and the process.
  • It typically takes a little while to hit our stride and for you to truly see just how impactful the sessions and changes can be.

If you are willing to commit to building something great and putting in the work to make it happen, I am here to help!

Apply for one of my limited spots here or just send me an email: matt@mattward.io

How much does it cost to work together?

My fees depend on the type of company I’m working with and the capacity at which I’m retained. That is why it is definitely worth reaching out. We can almost always find a solution that fits your company’s stage of development and needs and helps you hit your ambitious business goals.

And fees are pretty relative when we’re able to 10x your growth & results – especially when it leads to you working less in the process.

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